Susannah Blachly -   Come On Home
  • "I am just now listening to "Come on Home." It is beautiful. Kudos on another triumph!! Since I came to Marshfield and heard your first CD, I always anxiously await your next CD. I am never disappointed. Keep on keepin on and giving us beautiful music!!" AJ Van Tassel-Sweet"
  • "On Susannah Blachly's third solo release, Come On Home, the Marshfield musician shows off her talents as a songwriter and a performer." Robert Resnik, Seven Days Newspaper.
  • "Blachly has crafted a work of accoustic purity... Come On Home is in itself a statement: Susannah and friends are offering their art on a high level- refined but occasionally raucous, deliberate yet relaxed, knowing yet probing. You could half-hear this music on a Sunday morning over eggs benedict and gourmet coffee for the satisfying accoustic ambience alone, but look out: it's likely to grab you, make you think, make you need to listen again and more closely." Chip Wilson, New Orleans, LA. writing for the Montpelier Bridge.

Susannah Blachly - Come on Home


Susannah Blachly - Middle of the Night

  • *Voted one of the top ten Vermont albums of 2005 by Seven Days, Vermont's premier arts weekly
  • "Susannah Clifford Blachly is a veritable fountain of great original music. Blachly's latest, Middle Of The Night, provides more examples of her masterful composition style and deep understanding of folk music forms... A true album highlight is the irresistable "The Line Between." Lyrically and musically stunning, it... had me nearly levitating; if this song doesn't end up as a major hit in radio land, programmers must be truly deaf." - Robert Resnik, host of "All The Traditions," Vermont Public Radio
  • Voted Best Singer-Songwriter Album of 2005 by the Times Argus "Blachly is a songwriter to watch, she could be on a fast track to national attention." - Art Edelstein, Times Argus
  • Track #3, "The Line Between," was named Song of The Year by Robert Resnik on Vermont Public Radio's Switchboard show, "Best Music of 2005."

Susannah Blachly - Middle of the Night


Susannah Blachly - Girl In The Photograph
  • "A remarkable songwriting debut..." - Lafe Dutton, The Montpelier Bridge
  • "An impressive first effort..." - Art Edelstein, The Times Argus
  • "Accompanying her original songs on fiddle or viola, this disc... proves that Blachly has something to share." - Rich Warren, Sing Out! Magazine.
  • "'Classic' is an adjective that comes to mind often when listening to the 13 tracks of original music here... Throughout the entire recording, Blachly proves herself to be a master composer and performer of many styles of music" - Robert Resnik, Seven Days

Susannah Blachly - Girl in the Photograph